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Create your own family photo wall

In the digital age we live in, we’re all photographers and our phones are our cameras. We capture the world around us in more detail and with a greater quantity of photos than ever before.

While we treasure our photos as much as we ever have, because we keep them in our personal files they aren’t always shared or revisited with friends and loved ones like they used to be.

For the Sokolich family, using Brother's iPrint&Scan app and NFC technology to print from their phone or tablet directly to their Brother printer means they can unlock those special moments.

Watch and share the story of how they created their own special family photo wall.


Tips for creating a photo wall

  1. Choose your wall.  A living room or bedroom wall with plenty of natural light is a great choice.  Choose a wall with space to stand back and admire the collage as a whole.
  2. Print your images (for quick and easy printing use Brother's iPrint&Scan app to directly send your images to the printer - no computer required!)
  3. Mix and match photos of different colours and locations and a variety of different sizes.  Or try a restricted colour palette and consistent sizes - this can look great too.
  4. Plan the layout.  Lay out your photos on the floor or table and rearrange until you're happy.
  5. Measure the height and width of your final layout.
  6. Create a guide on the wall.  Use a spirit level and paint friendly tape to find the centre of the wall and mark out the dimensions of your layout, ensuring that your final design will be straight. 
  7. Turn over all of the photos in your design and apply paint-friendly adhesive tabs to the backs.  (Non-permanent adhesive means you won't damage the wall and you can change your images any time).
  8. Start with the corner images and work your way to the centre.
  9. Stand back occasionally to view the overall design as it takes shape.  Check straightness with the spirit level.

Enjoy your photo wall and update as you like!

Inkjet printers which can use Brother’s iPrint&Scan App to print photos

MFCJ4510DW •  DCPJ4120DW • MFCJ4620DW • MFCJ5320DW • MFCJ5720DW • MFCJ6520DW • MFCJ6920DW • MFCJ4710DW • 

DCPJ4110DW • MFCJ470DW • MFCJ870DW  

The Sokolich Family's Printer


Colour inkjet all-in-one, A4 printing with A3 capabilities.

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