How to Print via Google Cloud

How to Print via Google Cloud

Before you start:

  • Make sure your printer is connected to the Internet. You can learn how to do this here!

Getting started:

  1. From the home screen, scroll right and select the ‘Web’ folder.
  2. Scroll through the list of apps until you find ‘Connect to Google Drive’, select it.
  3. You will be asked to enter this web address: into your browser, this can be done on either your computer of smart device.
  4. When the page opens, select the Google Drive icon from the list.
  5. Take some time to read and understand the agreement, then confirm at the bottom of the page.
  6. Now confirm access to your Google account by pressing ‘Accept’. This will bring up a temporary ID number. Enter that number into your printer using the numeric keypad on the touch screen.
  7. You now have the option to name your Google Drive account on the printer and add an optional pin number for protection.
  8. Congratulations, your account will now be registered!
  9. To access the Google Drive, press ‘OK’.
  10. Select ‘Download to Print’ and then the correct folder to see a list of your documents.
  11. Here you can scroll through the contents of your Google Drive and then tap to select the file you want to print.
  12. You can now choose how many copies you want printed using the plus and minus buttons on screen. Press ‘OK’ to confirm, adjust any options in the Print Settings menu then press ‘OK’.

Review your selection then finally press ‘OK’ to print your chosen file from the Google Drive.

These steps apply to the following Brother models:

MFCL9550CDW • HL3150CDN • HL3170CDW • HLL2340DW • HLL2365DW • HLL8250CDN

HLL9200CDW • DCPJ152W • DCPJ4120DW • MFC9140CDN • MFC9340CDW • MFCJ4620DW

MFCJ4510DW • MFCJ470DW • MFCJ5320DW • MFCJ5720DW • MFCJ6520DW • MFCJ6920DW

MFCJ870DW • MFCL2700DW • MFCL2720DW • MFCL2740DW • MFCL8850CDW • MFCL9550CDW 

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