How to set up iPrint&Scan

How to print from your smartphone or tablet using iPrint&Scan

Getting started

  1. Go to your Play store or App store on your smartphone or tablet
  2. Search for ‘Brother iPrint & Scan’
  3. Select the App and install.

How to print from the Iprint & Scan App

  1. Navigate to the App on your smart device and open the Brother App
  2. Read and accept the license agreement
  3. When you first open the App you’ll be asked to select your printer
  4. Press ‘select now’ and your App will automatically search for it
  5. Choose your printer. (This printer will now be available every time you use the app)
  6. Select  what print option you would like (eg. photo, document or email)   
  7. Select your file or photo (this will display your print preview)
  8. Go to the white cog on the bottom right hand of screen
  9. Choose your printer settings  (eg size, colour and how many you wish to print)
  10. When selected. Press the ‘back’ button to  navigate back to ‘print preview’ screen
  11. Click ‘print”
  12. To print another document or image press the ‘back’ button and select your next item.

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