How to Clean your Brother Colour Laser Printer

How to clean your Brother Colour Laser Printer

Ever noticed lines printing out on your documents, missing bits of text or smudges? Your printer might need a bit of a clean, here's how!

  1. Open the machine using the lever located on top of the printer
  2. Using two hands, slide open the toner compartment by pulling towards you
  3. Remove the toner cartridges
  4. On the top of the toner drum you will see a small green or blue tab
  5. Slide this tab backwards and forwards across the toner drum twelve times
  6. Return the tab to the home position on the left hand side
  7. Spin the drum unit around with the cog and check thoroughly to ensure there is no toner on the drum itself
  8. If there is ink remaining on the drum, wipe with a lint-free cloth
  9. Replace the toner cartridges and slide compartment back into the printer
  10. Close the lid
  11. The printer is now ready to print

These steps apply to the following Brother printer models

Colour Laser Printers  •  Colour Laser All-in-Ones

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